Saturday, 22 March 2014

"One of the best epic fantasy trilogies created in the last five years"

Plague strikes the city of Sarum, and the dead rise from their graves.

The liche, Dr. Cadman, has discovered a long-hidden artifact and perverted its power for his own selfish ends.

But an ancient evil from beyond the stars is drawn by its use and turns hungry eyes upon the Earth. 

These are the times of Unweaving, the times Deacon Shader has been prepared for since the day he was born.

A man of prayer, deeply troubled by a contradictory faith, he is also the deadliest warrior of his generation.

As events spiral out of control, and Creation itself hangs by a thread, the paradox at the heart of Shader’s life may just be the last desperate hope of all the worlds.


" of the best epic fantasy trilogies created in the last five years..."--Melinda LeBaron

Thursday, 20 March 2014

New Release: The Unweaving (Shader 3)

The Unweaving is now available for Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. You can also purchase all other formats from Smashwords.

Shader has failed and Sektis Gandaw now holds all the pieces of the Statue of Eingana. Despair hangs like a pall over the battered armies of Sahul and Aeterna. It’s now just a matter of time …

A sliver of hope comes in the form of Shadrak the Unseen, who has the means to travel to the source of the coming cataclysm, the black mountain at the heart of the Dead Lands on Aethir.

But Shader, Shadrak, and Rhiannon discover that Aethir brings a new set of challenges: the Sour Marsh—an oozing malignancy from the nightmare realm of Qlippoth; an arrogant senate that seeks to appease rather than fight; and a volatile secret at the heart of the ravine city of Arx Gravis: a dwarf with no name who could prove the most stalwart of allies… or the deadliest of foes.

Old love has turned sour and regrets run deep. Shader is sick of killing, but can see no other way. Rhiannon’s last defense against all she has lost is a self-destructive rage; and Shadrak’s niggling conscience is causing him more trouble than he needs. Loyalties are called into question, yet all three must bury their differences if they are to find a way into Sektis Gandaw’s impregnable base and prevent the Unweaving of all things.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Coming soon

The Unweaving is with the formatter and should be released in the next few days. In the meantime, I'm taking a short break from Shader before getting back to work on book 4: The Archon's Assassin

I've started work on a new tale set on Aethir. Here's the general blurb for the series:

Demon Hunter

A Maresman Tale

They call them ‘husks’, the demons that cross the Farfall Mountains, leaving a trail of blood in their wake.

No incursion goes unmet; if it did, the cancer would spread, till the whole of Aethir was consumed by nightmares.

That’s why the Maresmen were formed—trackers and warriors charged with holding back the tide. Each of them is different, uniquely suited to the task in hand, but one thing they hold in common: they are half-breeds, part human, part demon; and they are bound by a single rule:

Hunt the husks, or be hunted themselves.